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Garage Door Torsion Spring

It’s easy to panic when garage door springs fail or break, isn’t it? But if you ever need service for a garage door torsion spring in Calgary, Alberta, one sole call or short message to our company will be enough to shortly get service. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

That’s the situation when you choose Garage Door Repair Calgary AB. You don’t worry about the tech’s turnaround time or skills. The service vans are well-prepared and no matter the brand and model of the torsion spring, the job is accurately carried out.

You can consider our team your go-to place for all services, on extension springs too. We are experienced with springs for all garage doors despite their special characteristics. Since you are now searching for torsion spring repair techs in Calgary, let us tell you how we can be useful to you.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Calgary

In Calgary, garage door torsion spring repairs & replacements

Basically, we can help no matter what you need for a garage door torsion spring in Calgary. Our team is experienced with all torsion springs & services and is available for all torsion spring services in Calgary.

  •          Garage door torsion spring replacement. If you want the torsion spring replaced, it must be broken. Or, damaged – something like corroded or rusty. Be sure of the swift response of a local pro. They bring a suitable torsion spring replacement and the required tools to start and complete the job correctly and safely.
  •          Torsion spring lubrication & routine inspection. Due to the significance of the garage door spring system, it’s wise to have it inspected from time to time. It’s equally important to keep the coils of the spring well-lubricated so that they won’t corrode.
  •          Torsion spring adjustment & service. While oil-tempered torsion springs scarcely need adjustment, galvanized springs must be adjusted quite often. You can rely on our team for the adjustment of springs. Also, when techs come out to install springs, they adjust them as needed to ensure perfect garage door balance.
  •          Torsion spring installation service. There’s often a need for an additional spring, usually when the garage door is wide and rather heavy. If that’s what you want, talk with us.
  •          Spring conversion services. Want your spring system converted? Most people want to convert their extension spring system into a torsion spring system. Should we send you a tech to assess the situation in your garage?

As you can see, when it comes to Calgary garage door torsion spring services, we’ve got you fully covered. And so, all you need to do is contact us and say what service you need. Go ahead!